Sponsors & Donors

60% of our annual budget comes from donations, so we can’t do it without your support!

Making a gift today will help the Agape Actors Co-Op to:

  • Tell great stories by great storytellers
  • Continue our commitment to Central Texas directors, playwrights, actors and designers
  • Develop new plays
  • Train future theatre leaders through the Agape Actors Co-Op Professional Apprentice program housed in Eastview High School
  • Share live theatre with the people young and old in our community

In addition to supporting and sustaining the performing arts in Georgetown, Agape Actors Co-Op Corporate Sponsorships are a great way for corporations to be associated with the beauty, artistry and excellence of Georgetown’s newest professional theatre company.


The Corporate Sponsor Circle

Do you want to gain some extra perks for your donation? Why not join our Corporate Sponsor Circle.

Corporate Sponsor Circle Members get an extra set of opportunities and benefits.

Membership Benefits:

  • Exclusive events where members may enjoy a VIP reception and an opportunity to attend a first rehearsal to meet the cast, crew and designers for each show.
    • All Corporate Sponsor events are open to you and 3 employees from your Company who want to benefit from the networking and entertainment potential
  • A pair of opening night tickets to two Agape Actors Co-Op productions. This includes a members’ only pre-show reception and an invitation to the post-show “meet-the-cast” opening night party.
  • An opportunity to host one of Agape’s opening night VIP pre-show receptions during one of our performances. This includes four additional complimentary tickets to that production.
  • A Sneak preview of our upcoming seasons before the general public and an opportunity to you and your employees to purchase season tickets in advance.
  • Prominent recognition of your support in all major Agape’s promotional materials, including the show programs, website and lobby signage
  • All benefits offered to William Shakespeare Level Donors (Listed below)

Other direct membership benefits Include:

  • Brand Awareness: Let the public discover you – we offer a number of name recognition opportunities as part of our Corporate Council program.
  • Entertainment: A great way to thank those loyal clients and hardworking employees. Your membership includes discounts on tickets and the opportunity to host an evening with Agape Actors Co-Op.
  • Networking: events provide access to a virtual Who’s Who of the business communities of Georgetown, Round Rock, and North Austin.

We invite you to join our Corporate Sponsor Circle today for just $1,000 per year.

Contact agapeactorscoop@gmail.com for more information on the Corporate Sponsor Circle.


Donor Levels

If the Corporate Sponsor Circle is not of interest to you, we hope you consider becoming a donor.  Donor Levels start at $50, so regardless of your budget, there’s a donor level that will fit your budget and needs.

William Shakespeare Level $1000-$5000

  • 2 free tickets to every production for an entire season
  • 2 free tickets to the annual gala
  • 4 tickets to each exclusive VIP events, including an opportunity to attend the first rehearsal for each production and meet-and-greets with the cast, crew, and creative team for each production
  • The opportunity to host an opening night VIP pre-show reception
  • A sneak peek at our upcoming season and the opportunity to purchase additional season tickets in advance
  • Acknowledgement on our website and in all Agape programs

Oscar Wilde Level $500-$999

  • 2 free tickets to every production for an entire season
  • 2 free tickets to the annual Agape Gala
  • Acknowledgement on our website and in all Agape programs

Tennessee Williams Level $150-$499  (We should change to $100-499)

  • 2 free tickets to any two productions of your choice
  • Acknowledgement on our website and in all Agape programs

Horton Foote Level $50-$149 (We should change to $50-99)

  • 2 free tickets to a production of your choice
  • Acknowledgement on our website and in all Agape programs

Current Donors

Agape Actors Co-Op would like to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to the following for their support of our blooming theatre!

William Shakespeare Level $1000-$5000

Hope United Church

Oscar Wilde Level $500-$999

Cristopher Stanford

Tennessee Williams Level $150-$499

Sue Arny & Tom Cross, Joan Baker, Beach Bodies USA, Dave & Genie Barnes, Divine Patina, Hoyt Guthner, Monument Cafe

Horton Foote Level $50-$149

Darren and Joann Lutz, Gay McCormack, Patrick McElhinney


Donation and sponsor levels current as of October 23, 2014


Agape Allied Businesses

Please support the businesses that support us!!!

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